“People buy your product because they like you,
not because your product is the best.”

Interview with Moe Zidan, Associate Partner

Let’s give a warm welcome to a new member of Digital Transformers team – Moe Zidan.

With a rich experience in sales, online marketing and high-level collaborative relationships we are glad to announce the appointment of Mr. Zidan as a new Associate Partner. This designation fully represents the mission of our innovation studio – to develop commercial bridges between Romanian and international innovations. As a business mentor, he will provide individual coaching and create go-to-market strategies for startups based in Cluj-Napoca, other Romanian cities and abroad. 

We ask Mr. Zidan some questions about his professional experience and vision of Romanian startup ecosystem.

Give us a brief background about yourself and your business experience.

I was born in Egypt, visited 26 countries so far, lived in 6 of them. For one year I held the position of Client Partner at Facebook in Malaysia, whereupon joined Foodpanda as Onliner Marketing Manager. It’s a global online food delivery platform headquartered in Berlin.

Our business developed rapidly: after one year and a half the team increased from 3 to 37 people and expanded to more than 4 countries in the region. This experience allowed me to establish my own internet marketing agency, 7inchez, for the purpose of accelerating clients businesses online.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned while working at Facebook?

Flat organizations are the strongest. At Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg or his team twice a month set up video conferencing, and instead of instructing he was listening to us and paying more attention to feedbacks and suggestions.

What achievements are you most proud of in your career?

It’s mostly connected with social impact and education. I trained more than 4,600 students in Malaysia during my course ‘Cyber ethics and e-manners’ provided face-to-face.

Recently you posted on your Facebook page the article ‘Romania could be the next Berlin by 2020’. What do you think about the prospects for Romania?

It’s a promising European hub, especially when we are talking about tech-related skills. But local businesses need to improve their selling skills. I would like to show Romanians that they can and they should compete in international markets, especially outside Europe. Remember, people buy your product because they like you, not because your product is the best. By the word ‘like’ I also mean trust in you as a salesperson.

A lot of experts are saying that nine out of ten startups will fail. What do you think about this?

In the beginning, both successful and unsuccessful startups are created with a lot of passion. The main difference is that 9/10 make solutions for non-existing problems, that’s why they fail. Only 10% of startups solve existing problems.

How can you help startups to succeed and grow?

The right flow in any startups should be the ‘3Ts’ rule, which is in order: Team – Technology – Traction. Team comes first and it should be flexible and in harmony. Then we can focus on the 2nd “T” which is the Technology, then the 3rd “T” for Traction.

I will act like the ‘glue’ between the 3 parts in order to create synergy where engagement of each team member is encouraged and well appreciated. My coaching rule is ‘We build you first, then you build your company’.

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